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Protocast – JLC Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting

Producing Quality Precision Investment Castings Since 1966

Protocast-JLC ( John List Corporation) is focused on providing our customers with the flexibility they need to get their investment castings produced how they want them, and when they need them. Founded in 1966 as a facility to produce plastic patterns for rapid prototype investment castings, we have since evolved into a full-service investment casting foundry and machine shop that provides turnkey production solutions to our customers.

We specialize in the pouring of aluminum, steel and copper-based investment casting alloys, and have the capability to pour a variety of other air melt alloys when required. Utilizing both the ceramic shell and plaster investment casting systems, we are able to produce investment castings with a wider variety of design and geometry than any other foundry.

The size of our company allows us to tailor production to meet our customer’s needs and provide some of the fastest lead times in the industry. We offer flexibility in production quantities, whether the order calls for a quick rapid prototype solution, short-run production or a high quantity run. Combining these capabilities with our fully equipped machine shop and extensive partnerships with local special processors, we can cast, machine, finish and assemble your investment casting parts with just one purchase order.

Lost Wax Investment Casting

Protocast-JLC is a family owned business, so if you have questions before, during or after your order you won’t be dealing with an endless bureaucracy that provides you no answers. You’ll be talking to the owners and decision makers of the company every step of the way.

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Rapid Prototype Casting, Production Precision Casting and CNC Machining Casting Industries Served, aerospace, communications, commercial, energy, medical, military and more.

One Vendor – One Purchase Order, Protocast-JLC is your “one-stop” precision investment casting manufacturer.

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