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Protocast- JLC Investment Casting Services and Capabilities

Protocast-JLC has been serving customers in the aerospace, defense, medical, communications, mining, commercial, oil, gas and energy for more than 44 years.  The company provides quality rapid prototype investment castings, production investment castings and CNC Machining with some of the shortest lead times in the industry.


Protocast- JLC Investment Casting Services and Capabilities


  • Protocast-JLC provides engineering assistance for every part we cast.
  • Utilizing CAD and our combined 150+ years of experience and knowledge we can help produce a cast-friendly design and ultimately lower your manufacturing costs.

Short and Long Run Production

  • Protocast-JLC has the flexibility to run production quantities of precision investment castings ranging from 10 to 1,000,000 pieces per year.
  • Our years of experience as a production facility gives us the flexibility to run such a wide range of quantities.

Rapid Prototyping

  • Protocast-JLC can produce rapid prototypes from your CAD data in as little as 5 working days.
  • The benefits of Rapid Prototypes include proving designs and reducing the iterations or the process without the expense of permanent tooling.


  • Protocast-JLC works closely with many investment casting tool and die shops.
  • WIth years of experience, we are able to help optimize the development, design, and manufacturing of tooling for the investment casting process.

Netshape Castings

  • Protocast- JLC provides “NetShape” castings.
  • These castings can reduce or eliminate the cost of secondary processing.
  • Forgings, sand castings, and weldments are routinely converted to the investment casting process to save time and money.

Heat Treatment

  • Protocast-JLC provides heat treatment for almost every casting that it supplies.
  • Through working relationships with our NADCAP certified heat treating sources along with our in-house aluminum heat treating capabilites, Protocast-JLC can provide heat treating for almost every process and alloy available.


  • Protocast-JLC provides non-destructive testing on investment castings daily.
  • Whether the specifications are military or self-written, Protocast-JLC has the experience and works closely with its NADCAP certified vendors to meet all testing requirements.

Turnkey and Production Assembly (CNC Machining)

  • Protocast-JLC has a fully equipped CNC machine shop that offers both secondary machining as well as fully machined parts from bar stock.
  • Working with an extensive group of NADCAP certified finishing houses, we can deliver fully machined and finished casting to our customers, ready for assembly.
  • In addition, Protocast-JLC can further simplify the manufacturing process with our sub-assembly capabilities.

Plating and Painting

  • Working with local vendors Protocast-JLC provides cleaning, painting, and plating of all types.
  • These include, anodize, alodine, zinc dichromate, passivation, and primer paint.


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